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Java in Amharic

Priorities, time constraints, and of course language challenge have been part of the culprits for the delay of this project. Almost, it took a couple of years for it to see a light of day.

The work covers the Java programming language at introductory level and it is not, by any means, a finished one let alone complete. It is an attempt or experiment, not only for its substance, but for a virtue of writing serious technical subject with Amharic that is readable as well as understandable.

This author has followed a simple set of rules in translating English technical terms into Amharic.

  • If there exits an equivalent Amharic term in meaning, use it.
  • If there is an equivalent Amharic term with a meaning that sounds terrible and out of context, use another term that closely represents the concept. For instance, the word "bug" is used for "logical error" in programming and there is a historical aspect for the origin of the word, but its Amharic equivalent sounds quite ridicules; instead, the word "gidifet" is chosen.
  • Whenever possible and appropriate, use a combination of two or more Amharic words.
  • If (a), (b), or (c) fails, use the English term as is. "Interface" is one such example.

The tutorial is written entirely in Amharic and it requires Ethiopic Unicode font. The source code for the examples are provided in the chapter where they appear. Learning programming language involves writing codes and working with many problems, so some kind of development platform is needed. You may find the following tools and font useful for the study.

  • Ethiopic Unicode font which can be downloaded here.
  • Browser: The tutorial should display properly with those popular browsers out there, but it was tested with Mozilla Firefox which can be downloaded from Mozilla site and Internet Explorer.
  • J2SE (Java Development Kit) This kit consists of the JVM, JRE, Java compiler, debugger, documentation, demos, and others.
  • Eclipse
    Eclipse, an open source project, is an IDE development platform used in this tutorial.
  • Netbeans
    Netbeans is another open source Java development platform tightly bundled with essential tools. You can download either the IDE version or the one that is bundled with J2SE.

Your Help

If you find this work worthy of your time and have a chance to look at it, your comment is greatly appreciated. It is not free of errors and the author hopes it won't get on your way.

-abass alamnehe
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