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Sadiss 1.0


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  • Sadiss 1.0

    Sadiss is a Unicode text editor for Ethiopic. It can be localized for other scripts with modest changes. Sadiss is written using Java. A summary of Sadiss' features,

    • Ethiopic Unicode font
    • KWK Keyboard system for Ethiopic character editing
    • Printing
    • Multiple documents editing
    • Text format supported: plain, UTF-8, and Unicode
    • Text search
    • Font selection and scale
    • Ethiopic and English locale
    • Amharic and English help
    • Easily localizable
    • Samples


    1. A platform that is capable of running JRE 1.4 or better
    2. JRE 1.4 (Java Running Environment)


    1. [JRE 1.4] If you don't have JRE 1.4 or above, you can download it from Sun's site. These are the steps.
      • Click on
      • From the download list items, select J2SE 1.4 or above
      • From the first download table, make a selction based on your operating system and download one of the JRE. Be warned that the JRE is about 10MB in size.
    2. [Sadiss 1.0] Download Sadiss here.
      For zipped version:
      For self-extracting version:
         sadiss1-0.exe (Windows Only)


    1. If you have downloaded, then use some tool to extract the files into your choice of drive. During the process, you will be asked where to extract it, and you must provide a drive where to do so.
    2. [Windows] If you have downloaded sadiss1-0.exe, then invoke this file to perform self-extracting.

    Starting Sadiss

    1. [General] If you prefer to run it from a command line, use one of the following commands. The first one starts Sadiss with Amharic locale while the second with US English.
      java -jar Sadiss.jar am ET
      java -jar Sadiss.jar en US
    2. [Windows] There is a batch file called "sadiss.bat" and it is located in Sadiss home folder. If you run this batch file, it will start Sadiss with Amharic locale. Better yet, you can create a short-cut in the desktop to this batch file or the file "Sadiss.jar" and run it from there.

    Sadiss Screenshots

    A screenshots that show features of Sadiss.
      Sadiss Screenshots
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