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Ethiopic Script
Ethiopic Typeface
Yigezu Typography

Ethiopic Typeface

In this set, there are several typefaces which are also bundled with WashRa. They all support Ethiopic standard included in Unicode 3.0 except the Sabaean script, whose encoding isn't standardized yet. For your convenience the fonts are distributed in three packages; the font "Ethiopia Jiret" for those who are interested only for it, the font "Sabaean", and the entire set. Downloading and installation instructions are given at the end of this page.


Font: Ethiopic Yigezu Bisrat Goffer

Font: Ethiopia Jiret

Font: Ethiopia Jiret Slant

Font: Ethiopic Fantuwua

Font: Ethiopic Hiwua

Font: Ethiopic WashRa SemiBold

Font: Ethiopic WashRa SemiBold Slant

Font: Ethiopic WashRa Bold

Font: Ethiopic WashRa Bold Slant

Font: Ethiopic Wookianos

Font: Ethiopic Yebse

Font: Ethiopic Tint

Font: Sabaean Script

Downloading the Fonts

The process of making the fonts useful under your system involves three steps--downloading, decompressing, and finally installing the font files. Please note once again, all the fonts are included under "WashRa Fonts". If you download this package, you don't have to do the others.


If you are using Win XP, Linux, or Mac, you should be able to uncompress the files with out the need for external utility, but in case for some reason if you need a utility to uncompress zipped files, you may download the FreeZip tool: FreeZip

The instruction below is more specific to Windows and if you are using a different operating system, you may have to consult the appropriate reference manual.

  1. Start Windows Explorer and open the folder where the font files are saved. Locate the font files you downloaded either or or both, and decompress them.
  2. Click on the Start button, then select Setting.
  3. Click on the Control Panel, then double click on Font icon. If you are using Win XP and cannot locate the Font icon with in the Control Panel, click the link "Switch to classic view".
  4. Select the File menu, then click Install New Fonts....
  5. From Add Fonts dialog box, specify the folder where the you uncompressed the fonts. If they are found by the system, a list font names will be displayed on the top portion of the panel.
  6. Click the Select All button and click Ok
  7. Now, close the Add Fonts dialog box, the Fonts and Control Panel window.


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