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By now, the name G.E. Gorfu may not be new to most of you. This Ethiopian thinker, writer, and poet has created excitement as well as anxiety with his latest book "Gorfu Contra Nietzsche". His work is on Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), a famous German philosopher, who wrote several books on topics ranging from society, arts, music, and more.

Gorfu not only attacks the main thoughts of Nietzsche, but he goes further and asserts "He [Nietzsche] should not even be called a philosopher, for he was not a seeker of truth. He was the creator and perpetrator of lies."

Taking on Nietzsche is a monumental task although Nietzsche is no stranger to controversy like every other philosopher before him. Would he overcome Gorfu's onslaught determined to unseat him from his throne? The answer may depend on time.

"Gorfu Contra Nietzsche" may feel a bit "one of those..." at first sight, but once you flip the first page, you fall into the center of gravity moving in a swirling motion until you reach the last ink of the book. Its dynamism that floods your emotion, its instigation that challenges your limit, its simplicity that casts doubt in your mind, and its compelling assertion that defeats your defense, leaves you jolted and shaken up.

Read this book. You owe it to yourself. You can find it at Amazon, "Barnes and Noble", or other on-line book stores. Nietzsche's books are available on the net. The resources page has links to them. You will find there also several papers written on Nietzsche himself and his works.

This piece features an interview with Ato G.E. Gorfu in four major areas, three selected poems from his writings, and additional resources.

Senamirmir is deeply indebted to Ato G.E. Gorfu. This piece wouldn't have been possible without his historical work and kindness to do this piece with us. Senamirmir is also grateful to Teshome Hailu for his uncanny insight, continueous inspiration, and unlimited moral support to Senamirmir.

-abass alamnehe
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